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5 Road Trip Games Kids Will Love

By xpressauto25415185, Jun 20 2017 02:18AM

Taking a family road trip is a classic American pastime. As excited as your kids may be, though, you know you’re going to hear “Are we there yet?” multiple times from the backseat. It’s inevitable. Kids eventually get bored being stuck in a car for hours on end, especially if you’ve run out of snacks.

Instead of putting a screen in their hands and sticking headphones in their ears, you should try playing a road trip game that the kids will love and the whole family can get into! Here are 5 car games that will beat boredom and guarantee fun.

License Plate Game

This classic game will have kids glued to their windows trying to spot as many license plates as possible. Everyone in the car can search for license plates as each person tries to find all 50 states. Use pen and paper to keep track of everyone’s progress and to make sure no one cheats. And remember, you can’t use the same license plate twice!

That’s just one way to play, though. There are plenty of variations if you want to switch it up. Play for points instead by getting a point for every out-of-state license plate and then 5 points for the farthest states - Alaska and Hawaii - and any Canadian plate. The person with the most points when you get to your next stop wins!

Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is similar to the License Plate Game, but instead of looking for states, you’re looking for letters of the alphabet. Everyone in the car starts with A, and the goal is to be the first person to find the whole alphabet in order. Anything on the road is fair game - license plates, cars, road signs, billboards, etc. - but it can only be used once.

“I’m going to the store…”

“I’m going to the store…” uses the alphabet, too, but it also tests your memory skills. Everyone in the car takes turns naming something they’re going to buy in a store in alphabetical order. After one person goes, the next person has to repeat what they said and then add another item to the list.

Person 1: I’m going to the store and I’m going to buy apples.

Person 2: I’m going to the store and I’m going to buy apples and bacon.

Person 3: I’m going to the store and I’m going to buy apples, bacon, and cauliflower.

And so on. If someone forgets an item, they’re out of the game, but feel free to give kids as many chances as you want or to help them remember an item. You can also play “I’m going on a picnic,” “I’m going on a road trip,” or anything you want that will keep the kids interested!


This is a fun game that has a ton of possibilities. Someone in the car names a category, and then everyone in the car takes turns naming an item in that category. So if someone says the category is Fruit, you will take turns naming different types of fruit - apples, bananas, lemons, watermelon, etc. - until someone can’t think of another fruit. If you can’t name another item in the category, you lose, but then you get to choose a new category to try!

20 Questions

This classic game is great for all ages. Someone in the car thinks of a person, place, or thing and then everyone gets a chance to ask yes or no questions to try to guess what the person is thinking of. You’re allowed to ask 20 total questions, so make sure someone is keeping track. If someone guesses correctly, they win, but if you can’t guess before the 20 questions are up, the person answering the questions wins.

Keep the kids occupied on your next road trip by playing one or all of these games as you travel from one destination to another. And if you’re planning a road trip, consider renting a car to ensure your family is safe and comfortable while you’re driving, playing road trip games, and spending quality family time together.

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